Diane Powers



Mrs. Powers graduated in engineering from The University of Alabama and worked for N.A.S.A. in Huntsville for several years. As her own three children were growing up, Mrs. Powers homeschooled from time to time. Now that her children are grown, Mrs. Powers teaches Math, Science, and Logic classes to the Upper School students at Riverwood Classical. Mrs. Powers is married to Allen Powers, who serves on the Riverwood Classical School Board.

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Brittany Nelson



Brittany Johnson graduated from the University of Alabama in 2015 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Creative Writing.  Ms. Johnson loves books, films, writing, and working with children.  She began her career at RCS in 2015 as a grammar P.E. teacher then became the full-time Kindergarten teacher at the beginning of the 2016 Spring Semester.  In addition to teaching Kindergarten and Grammar P.E., Ms. Johnson teaches the music classes at RCS.

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Jeff Pate



Mr. Pate has been the pastor at Riverwood Presbyterian Church since Fall 2014 and took over the Greek class at RCS in the 2015 Spring Semester.  Mr. Pate currently teaches Greek to the Rhetoric Class in the Upper School.

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Merriam Cash


Merriam Cash received her B.S. from the University of Alabama in 2014, majoring in Early Childhood Education.  Mrs. Cash started at RCS in 2015 when she began teaching the Ballroom Dance class to the Upper School and serving as a substitute.  In 2016, Mrs. Cash also began teaching Spelling, Grammar, Writing, and Literature in the Grammar School.

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Vielyana Kim



Mrs. Kim has two children who attend RCS, and she teaches at RCS part-time.  Mrs. Kim teaches math and science in both the Upper and Grammar Schools and teaches the Introductory Logic class to the Dialectic Class in the Upper School.

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Cortney Tang



Ms. Tang received a degree in Music, majoring in piano and minoring in flute, while growing up in Taiwan. She later moved to the United States and attended Oklahoma State University earning a B.S. in Interior Design. She has been teaching private piano lessons, and teaching at the Tuscaloosa Chinese School while homeschooling her two children who currently attend RCS. Ms. Tang started at RCS in 2021 teaching Music, Math, and Science in the Grammar School. 

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