About Us

Riverwood Classical School exists to assist parents and the covenant community in glorifying God by imparting the heart and mind of Christ to the heart and mind of every child, teaching each child to pursue God’s truth, beauty, and goodness through the employment of classical means and a comprehensive application of Scripture to every facet of scholarship, discipleship, and life experience. 

The Trivium

The Trivium consists of the three naturally occurring stages of development in the life of a young student. As abilities change with time, so should the methods that are used to educate our children. The first stage (Grammar) conforms to the child’s natural ability to absorb large amounts of information. Forms, tables, and the “vocabulary” of each discipline are emphasized. Although rigorous, this stage employs many creative and fun learning techniques that include memorization, repetition games, rhymes, and songs. Gradually, the student begins to question and critically explore the world around him or her. This second stage (Logic) uses the frequent queries to establish a connection between bodies of information and their unique relationship to other groups of data. Here the student is enabled to individually collect and critically assess the validity and strength of propositions and sources of authority. Finally, the third stage (Rhetoric) hones the ability of the students to present and defend their findings and beliefs in an organized, cohesive, and convincing way, both in written and verbal form.

Never in isolation, each stage begins to plant the seeds for the next, so that analysis and presentation are simultaneously taught, even at the youngest stage.

Likewise, each academic discipline is approached in a different way throughout each stage of the Trivium– producing a student who is equipped to approach any future subject with discipline, creativity, and logic.

Our Purpose

As stated in our vision, Riverwood Classical School desires to serve the parents of its students. Since God has given the responsibility of educating children to their parents, it is left to their discretion and discernment to decide which method would best suit their children. Because of this great and privileged obligation, our school exists primarily for the parents, in that, we work to assist in their calling; they do not exist to build an institution. It is the goal of RCS to resurrect “the lost tools of learning,” in order to offer parents in Tuscaloosa an unique option for a Christ-centered, challenging, thorough, and refreshing educational alternative. All faculty and staff, parents, and students, therefore, are involved in a continuing relationship of learning, growth, and friendship– which will extend far beyond the classroom, and far into the future.

A Christocentric Approach

God is the source of all truth. Following that simple statement, it is the endeavor of RCS to inculcate a comprehensive worldview that is informed by all academic disciplines and, ultimately, by the Word of God. The classical Christian curriculum does not study each separate discipline in isolation, but rather, presents a united order that is consistent with a coherent picture of reality– as viewed through the lens of Scripture. Thus, the learning environment must reflect the truths found in Scripture, as well. Using a refined orthodox and reformed Christian tradition, each student, parent, teacher, and staff member desires to be transparent with their fallen nature and to reflect the image of God in man– in a common pursuit of shepherding, learning, accountability, and glorification of God.